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Robert Nathan


CEO and Co-Founder



LoadDelivered Logistics


Management Experience:

10+ years

Taking us to the next level

We engaged with Raise The Bar mid-way through last year to begin the investment in the development of our leadership team. 


By the end of the year, our leadership team was well prepared to scale the business as we merged the organization with a larger entity. 


We continue to work with Aaron and the Raise The Bar team as we prepare for significant growth in 2019.

Leading with purpose

In January, I sat down with my team to discuss how to take our business to the next level—the $10 million level. About a week later, I started working with Aaron and Raise The Bar.


In our first meeting, he stopped me and asked, “why do you do what you do?” It's not a good feeling when you own a company but can’t answer that question. 


He asked the same question again and again until we uncovered it. I started Monarch & Company to help others unleash their creativity. 


And that was it. Those words sang to me and provided the clarity I was seeking. When I lead from a place of unleashing creativity, I can conquer any obstacle and celebrate any success.


Read the full case study here

Yvonne Zeman


CEO and Director of Brand Development



Monarch & Company


Management Experience:

9+ years

Noticing blind spots

I was able to identify, through the Habits of a Leader 360 feedback, that I had been interfering with my own employees' growth by being too involved in their work.


I was able to take that lesson and take a step back.


I allowed them to work through some problems on their own in our next meeting. Right after the meeting, a leader on my team texted me and thanked me for holding back.


You usually don't get that type of immediate feedback when you're working on changing a habit. It was pretty powerful.

Benno Nelson


Vice President of

Business Operations





Management Experience:

6.5 years

Joan Harwell


Senior Director of

Operations and Implementation



Interactive Health, Inc.


Management Experience:

8 years

Leading not managing

We are a very heads-down, fast-paced, get things done, kind of team. The training made me and others look at things from a different perspective.


I learned it’s OK to ask difficult questions, it’s OK in a conversation not to have an answer right away. The training makes you take a step back and look at situations, your reactions, and your day-to-day decision making.


I am no longer making it all about me and my decisions. I am trying to take suggestions, brainstorm, and get feedback to better the team, our morale, and how we do our job every day.

Challenging me to grow

I started working with Aaron and Raise The Bar because I wanted to grow my business and grow as a CEO and leader. Aaron helped me get clear on the actions I needed to take to grow.


Raise The Bar pushed me. Aaron and I have very real conversations. Even if it doesn’t feel good to hear, he will give me the truth and call me out. It’s special to have someone who knows what I need. And, it is what I need. It’s what helps me reach our goals and breakthrough – and I've had so many breakthroughs.

Sarah Perkins


CEO and Co-Founder





Management Experience:

2 years

Jeff Brandwein


Sales Manager





Management Experience:

3 years

Impacting the bottom line

Since working with Raise The Bar my relationship with my team has improved and we have been closer than ever.


I had a conversation with one of my employees about an upcoming sales presentation. Instead of trying to force my opinion, I helped guide him with my experience. He ended up doing really well and it yielded better results than we actually anticipated in terms of the number of sales we got from it. 


The impact on team morale is directly tied to our revenue. We’ve had our best two months as a team.

Building my leadership toolkit

My team is responsible for managing a significant portion of our company's revenue and handling our most complex clients. There is a lot at stake with the clients we service; yet, I would make excuses for underperformers by thinking “oh they are really nice” or “ they are super unorganized internally but doing a great job managing a client relationship”.


I learned that I wasn’t serving myself or my team by making excuses. 


Now, I make sure that I am very direct. I make my expectations very clear so they always know what is expected of them. I ask meaningful questions to help get down to the bottom of what we are trying to solve and I  lead with intention.

Tracy Roth


Director of Client Relations


Interactive Health Inc.


Managment Experience:

6 years

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David Waxberg


Director of Sales



Marriott International


Management Experience:

2 years

Finding my leadership style

 When I first started working with Aaron and Raise The Bar over 18 months ago, I didn’t know my leadership style or what my team needed me to be. I'm now clear on who I am as a leader and it started with getting clarity in my commitment to myself and my team. It helped remind me to be myself when I show up for my team on a daily basis.

My team is now more engaged and producing at a higher level because I’m hyper-engaged with them. I've even had people from different teams ask to join my team. They’ve heard nothing but good things about my leadership style, about how I show up as a leader, and so I think the proof is in the pudding. 


It’s like what Aaron says, “Do the work, do the next hard thing and the outcomes will come". They've come in the form of people wanting to work with me and giving me their best. 


And there are metrics to show it; when I joined the team, their engagement percentage was 29%, now after having a year to work with them, the engagement has jumped up to 83%.