What do leaders have to say?

"I learned that leadership is a journey and there’s no 'get rich quick' rubric for success.  The bootcamp has made me more aware of my biases, shortcomings, and things to work on to be the best leader I can be."

Paul Gambardella | VP of Media Operations at Adaptly (acquired by Accenture)


What is the bootcamp?

3 Month Program

The bootcamp was developed to empower you with the tools, skills, and training to be a more powerful leader for your team, organization, and in your life.


2 Full Day Workshops

Leaders meet in person for two full-day intensive workshops where you learn fundamental leadership habits and how to apply them.

1 Personal Leadership Coach

Between workshops, you’ll have assignments to practice at work and then you’ll be paired with one of our Executive Leadership Coaches to reflect on what’s working, what’s not, and how you can take the next steps in your leadership practice.


You'll gain further insights into your leadership by completing a Habits of a Leader 360 assessment.

Come ready to grow and leave a certified leader!

After completing the bootcamp, receive your certification as an Open, Honest, and Direct Certified Leader (Level 1).

Enrollment in each bootcamp is limited and applications are required.

When's the next bootcamp?

October 2019

in Chicago

Oct. 16th & Nov. 13th


March 2020

in Chicago

March 12th & April 16th



May 2020

in Chicago

May 19th & June 16th


Tuition is $2,000

Need help getting approval?

Download a letter to your boss here

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What will I learn?

You won’t simply learn how to be a more powerful leader, you’ll turn those lessons into habits.


Management 101 – Listening with Intention and Attention

Learn how to trigger the habit of listening with intention and attention to better motivate your team.


Management 102 – Asking Powerful Questions

Learn how to adopt the habit of powerful questioning to more effectively evaluate your team and enhance your decision-making process.


Management 103 – Giving and Receiving Feedback

Learn the tools for communicating openly, honestly, and directly with your team to more rapidly achieve desired outcomes.


Management 104 – Holding Critical Conversations

Learn how to hold productive critical conversations.

*Each leader receives four (4) sessions with their Leadership Coach

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