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“How was your day? What was asked? How parents can support a teenager - without banal phrases Spring is the impending exams, control, annual assessments. It is hard for schoolchildren at this time, especially for teenagers. They have enough problems without studying. Now they need special support from significant adults. Surviving adolescence with minimal losses is not an easy task. The best thing parents can do to stay in touch with their growing child is to stop asking him routine questions and really take an interest in how he is doing. After all, the future of a child's education depends on it. When you know what you need to help with and if it concerns written work, then use to help him. So you can not only ask about his progress, but also help write a written work. Parents have long forgotten what it's like to be a teenager. Every day a new problem: either the skin of the face made a revolution, or the clothes do not reflect the internal state. It is not possible to write a written work. But when you remember yourself at that age, then you will want to help and at the same time using will be much better. At this time, there are many reasons for wanting to go to bed and not get up - a lot: the volume of homework, the choice of subjects for the exam and preparation for them. Parents demand to choose a profession, the class teacher - not to be rude to teachers, friends ask where to return the ticket for the canceled Face concert. At the same time, the spring blues covers all adults, and for some reason it is forbidden for teenagers to be depressed.They want to be adults in outward manifestations, and also reduce the load at school I would like to try new tasks, but they themselves have a poor idea of ​​what they are. Trying new things is scary: what if it doesn’t work out? Self-esteem tends to zero anyway, so there is no need for extra proof of one's own mediocrity. Therefore, it is important to strive for something new and at the same time, using the proofread my paper,, strive to ensure that self-esteem is high. This is essential for successful schooling. Every day as a test: am I different from everyone else, and if so, is this normal? A teenager wants to be unique, but at the same time not to fall out of society Nobody wants to be an outcast, and anti-bullying programs are still poorly developed in schools. Parents can become helpers to their teenagers if they communicate with them more. You don’t need these questions: how was the day and what do you think to do. It's time to ask about what he is afraid of, wants or is embarrassed to tell others. Sometimes even a letter or a message in the messenger is a good option. It can be scary to admit your doubts and phobias to the eye, but paper (phone screen) will endure everything. Ask how he is going to plan his studies or what he will do if he fails. Why is he scolded for rudeness, how will he evaluate his behavior in the classroom and how will his relationship with classmates or with the teacher develop further? Talk to children, support them. For them, this is especially important.

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