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Where do your big decisions get made?

Your head? Or your heart?

We spend 95% of our lives in our heads. What I mean is, we are always thinking, processing, analyzing, doing and rarely do we sit simply being, in the present moment.

It may seem like we make these big life decisions from our brains, by making a pro/con list and risk analysis of all possible options and outcomes. This is an important step. It's important to make sure you are looking at all options and what they mean.

However; if we are honest with ourselves, we'll see these decisions are ultimately made in our hearts long before we rationally commit to the choice. We use our brains to provide the evidence, the facts, behind why we should make the choice where deep down we already know the answer. The struggle in coming to a decision is often our lack of connection to our hearts.

I’ve been processing some big life decisions over the past few weeks myself. Like everyone else, I tried to analyze all possible options.

Then I talked to my coach (Rich) and he said what I needed to hear:

Rich: Aaron, you’ve already made the decision

Aaron: What?

Rich: If you listen to your heart, you already know the answer. The only thing holding you back now is your fear.

It’s often hard to notice and see the signs your heart sends you since you rarely sit in the actual moment. When I did, I quickly found the answer to my decision.

Next time you have a big decision to make, before spending too much time in analysis, find a quiet space to relax and allow yourself to be present with your feelings, be present with the moment and you’ll find your answer.

“Facts are neutral until human beings add their own meaning to those facts. The meaning they add to facts depends on their current story. People stick with their story even when presented with facts that don’t fit. They simply interpret or discount the facts to fit their story. This is why facts are not terribly useful in influencing others.”

— Annette Simmons

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