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Why career paths don't work for millennials

Why’s Netflix's culture so special? Here's an article about Netflix's culture you'll all love, it highlights the importance of giving your employees autonomy. Read how Netflix reinvented HR. What's the connection between volunteers and millennials? Gail McGovern, CEO of American Red Cross, shares her insights from years of working with volunteers and how it relates directly to engaging millennials. She's on the mark, take a read here. Work shouldn’t always be fun; it’s work. Hear what one Chicago founder says is more important than fun at work. Read more. How can career pathing backfire on you? Read why it’s dangerous to dive into the discussion with your millennial employees in my interview with Udemy. Find out here. 5. Are Millennials really that different? I talk Millennials and life-hacks on The Nice Guys on Business podcast. There’s a fun shout out to someone who really deserves it in the last minute of the episode, did you catch it? Listen here. Have a powerful week, Aaron

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