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Why is it important to fully embrace sadness?

When was the last time you took an hour to yourself? This New York Times piece looks back at the habits of former Secretary of State, George Schultz, and how taking an hour a week of quiet reflection, helped him be a more strategic leader. Read the article here Why is it important to fully embrace sadness? In an interview on Conan, Louis C.K. discusses millennials, cell phones, empathy and the importance of allowing yourself to fully embrace the moments of sadness. Watch this short clip [Warning: there is profanity in this clip] Why is Al Roker talking Millennials? We all know the millennial conversation is big, but it was fun to see how it's reached The Today Show and Al Roker. The segment covers common misconceptions and tips for engaging millennials from a company rated as the best place to work for millennials. The advice is spot on. Take a quick look What does vulnerability have to do with leadership? I share a story in my latest Forbes piece on how being vulnerable engaged my team and brought us closer during a critical point in our business. Read the story here

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