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What makes a millennial 6 times more likely to stay at your company? [Newsletter]

Here’s this weeks’ batch of articles, reports and a webinar, curated for you. Enjoy!

1. How does accountability improve retention? Adam Robinson, the CEO of Hireology, shares his best bets for implementing accountability in a fast-growing company. Check out his tips and checklist here.

2. What makes a millennial 6x more likely to stay at their company?

Fortune recently completed its 2017 Best Workplaces for Millennials survey. Of the 169,000 employees surveyed, Fortune found millennials that have “special meaning” in their work are 6x more likely to stay at their current company.

For more fascinating insights, here’s the quick overview.

3. Want an inside scoop on the millennial perspective? If you are trying to understand your millennials, this is a must read. It’s quick, flows well, and millennial author Stephanie Denning does an amazing job of highlighting the millennial perspective. Enjoy.

4. What’s the next generation after millennials? They are Gen Z and they are about to join the workforce. Accenture came out with a very interesting report about the next generation of workers. Take a look.

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