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What are the top 5 reasons employees quit their jobs?

What are the top 5 reasons employees quit their jobs? Hint: virtually all come back to their relationship with their boss. Look at the full list here How can you motivate your millennials? Peter Gasca shares his 5 ways to engage and motivate millennials in a piece from Entrepreneur. I especially like #3: Avoid the Bullshit. What’s your favorite tip? Read them all here

What do employees need most to succeed at work? Can you find the common link? This study looked at more than 50,000 employees in over 1,000 companies and found 10 factors employees need to be successful in their roles. The common link between most of these employee needs can be provided by one person, their manager. See all 10 factors here What can we learn from Elon Musk about leading from the driver’s seat? Elon shares a vulnerable letter with his entire staff about a failure and the actions he plans to take to make sure the failure stops with him. Read his letter here Are Millennials that different from other generations? I get asked this question on almost a daily basis and decided to share my thoughts in a Forbes piece. Take a read Have a fun week, Aaron

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