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How are your biases impacting your business decisions?

Why one tech CEO is worried about soft skills. With the rise of technology and engineering positions in the world of business today, we’ve lost sight of the most important skills, soft skills. Ed Szofer, CEO of SenecaGlobal, shares his thoughts in this interview.

How can companies prepare for an influx of Millennial managers? With more Millennial managers in the workplace, millennials are facing the challenge of learning how to manage AND - maybe even harder – learning how to manage someone older than themselves. Here’s a quick guide for how companies can start to prepare.

What’s the connection between giving and employee engagement? The Great Place to Work Team did an analysis of over 350,000 employees and found some interesting results about the connection between organizational giving and employee experience. For example, people who felt their employers made a positive impact on the world were 11 times more likely to stay with their organizations for the long haul. Take a look at the findings here.

How do biases impact business decisions? Fast Company dives into the mental shortcuts which influence your thinking and impact your decisions as a leader. They share few tips on how you can avoid some of the common pitfalls. Check them out. Have a great week, Aaron

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