What is the one question which can change everything?

Why don’t leadership development programs work? Leadership development programs fail because leadership is about experiencing and practicing the habits of being a leader. This Harvard Business Review article talks about the lever which enables leaders to develop their leadership toolkit. Take a read. What keeps your employees around? Entrepreneur dives into the 3 reasons employees STAY even when they have offers to leave. Enjoy the quick tips. What is the one question which can change everything? Take 3 minutes to watch and find out. Are you getting enough quiet time? Turns out the busier you are, the more quiet time you might need. Harvard Business Review discusses how silence trains our brains to be more adaptive and responsive to complex situations. Take a look at the tips to getting quieter. Have a great week, Aaron

Do new hire onboarding right

It’s essential to start new team members off on the right foot – to give them the best possible chance for success in their new roles....