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Why do leaders sabotage their own execution?

I’ve always been fascinated as to why people know what they need to do, but don’t do it. This week’s collection of articles highlights why this happens and gives steps to get over the hump and move from knowledge to action.

When it comes to strategy execution, there is a knowing-doing gap. Research shows executives know the barriers to long-term success. The understand it’s a lack of interaction and collaboration, yet they focus their efforts on energy and structure, authority, and processes. This Harvard Business Review article explores why.

Don’t wait. Have the conversation and you’ll feel better afterwards. Here are five steps you can use to prepare yourself for the conversation.

No raise, no promotion, no growth? We often equate raises and promotions with growth, however, that’s not always the case. There are ways you can create growth opportunities for your employees without having to shell out cash or find a new spot for them in the company. Here are 6 powerful tips for any leader to start implementing today.

At Spotify, public holidays are no longer set days off. Spotify employees get to choose their paid holidays. Gone are the days of trying to manage your religion or culture based on the societal norms. Spotify recognizes that, “People are our most important resource and everyone should have the opportunity to celebrate what’s important to them and feel included in doing so.” Kudos for putting your values into action Spotify.

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