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What pushes us to work hard?

This week I go to my archives to share some of the foundational research, models and stories which helped me in my journey of understanding why we do what we do.

Would you be comfortable being managed by someone younger than you?

A recent survey conducted by Robert Half, found 8 in 10 employees would be comfortable reporting to someone younger than them. Take a look at their infographic summarizing the data.

What's the relationship between remote work and organizational effectiveness?Owl Labs latest State of Remote Work report does a great job of highlighting the relationship between remote work and hiring, employee engagement and retention. They found a 25% reduction in turnover for companies which support remote work.

What pushes us to work hard?

Behavioral economist, Dan Ariely, shares his research and theory on why we work hard. He dives into intrinsic motivation and shares a story of how engagement can be squashed by one comment from your manager. This is one of the most fascinating TED talks I’ve seen. Enjoy.

How to Change Anything (Book Recommendation).

If you are interested in learning how behavior change works, this is a fundamental book to read. The book outlines one of the best models for behavior change and has been fundamental in forming my work on behavior change. Take some time over the holidays to get some reading in!

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