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Warren Buffett, Setting Risky Goals, and Preparing for Performance Reviews

This week we have a video from Warren Buffett on investment strategies and life, a guide for goal setting, and a checklist to help you prepare for your upcoming performance reviews.

In this medium piece, Michael Hyatt shares how the greater the risk of the goal, the greater the potential gain. A goal that is inherently challenging, that stretches you, creates potential for learnings throughout the process and huge emotional gains. When helping your team create goals – make sure you push your employees out of their comfort zone. It’s where growth happens. Read his full piece here.

In my latest Forbes article, I’ve broken the process down into three steps. Remove the vagueness, provide concrete actions to take, and to set you up with a framework to hold more productive performance reviews for your team.

In 1999, Buffet spoke to a group of high schoolers across Nebraska about financial wellness. It quickly got much deeper than that as Buffett shared two keys to life. The first key is maximizing your full potential– it’s the biggest financial asset you have (2:00 minute mark). The second key is how to reach your potential. Your potential is reached when you adopt the right habits (3:45 minute mark). It’s a fascinating video and powerful listen.

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