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Why we should eliminate small talk

Below I’ve shared an article from Dan Ariely exploring the impact of small talk on our relationships along with two others on what employees really want from work and a potential new definition of millennials. Enjoy!

What are the three things employees really want from work?

I’m going to admit, I’m biased by the three things in this article because they align so closely with the reasons millennials, anyone for that matter, leave their organization. Enjoy this Harvard Business Review piece.

How small talk is holding us back.

On a daily basis our discussions with friends and co-workers usually revolve around small talk, the basics like the weather, how your day is going etc. Rarely do we take the time to have real conversations with people. Research confirms that this type of surface level small talk does not build relationships and it is not great for our happiness levels. Dan Ariely takes the time to explore why we still do it. Enjoy the refreshing read.

Is the definition of millennial changing?

Pew research thinks so, they recently came out with an adapted list of millennials. According to their parameters, millennials now constitutes anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 37 to 22). Curious about the distinctions? Here’s the NY Times piece about it or check out Pew’s views directly.

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