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What can the Navy SEALs teach us about employee engagement?

I was re-listening to an old podcast last week and found a true treasure trove of research. If you like understanding human behavior, you’ll love this week’s curation.

What can the Navy SEALs teach us about employee engagement? Being a part of a Navy SEAL team requires everyone to be fully engaged. Take a read to see how one SEAL believes the methods practiced can be brought to the workplace. From the Archives: How to nudge human behavior This TED Radio Hour is a gold mine of research including:

  • Dr. Richard Thaler on the power of making choices easy and reducing your friction to taking action

  • Dr. Carol Dweck on the impact of bringing a fixed mindset to situations

  • Data on how the simple act of noticing your urges has the power to change deep rooted behaviors

If you’re interested in how human behavior works. This will be the best hour of listening in your week. Take a listen here. Why millennials are turning to the internet for education. As traditional education is getting more expensive, many millennials are looking to the web to gain knowledge, develop skills and prepare themselves for the workplace. Hear what’s really happening. Have a great week, Aaron

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