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What are the ingredients to creating a high performing team?

What are the top places for Millennials to work? Much of what I noticed in these top workplaces was how many millennials are looking past the money for opportunities to learn, grow and make an impact. See the top places here. What makes a high performing team? It’s about identifying your expectations as a leader of your team and how you want the team to work together. When you clearly define how to work with one another and uphold agreements through your actions, you create a space for radical transparency. I share the three steps to take in my latest Forbes article here. Why do millennials turnover 2x as much as other generations? Here is an in-depth study on the differences in generational turnover that takes into account time of life and tenure. It’s the best study I’ve found on the subject recently. Take a look here. Looking to develop your leadership toolkit? I'm hosting a leadership bootcamp in August where you'd get an opportunity to develop great leadership habits, connect with other leaders and work with a leadership coach. We've got a few spots left, here's more detail:

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