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How Generation Z will Disrupt the Business World

Generation Z, consisting of those born after 1998, is beginning to enter the workforce. How will the rapid advances in technology and the social environment they were raised in shape the way they work and buy? And how can our businesses adapt to optimize the potential of this global generation?

How Generation Z’s unique characteristics will impact the workplace While Gen Z brings unprecedented levels of technical skills to the workforce, omnipresent personal technology will have a significant impact on their interpersonal, communication, and cognitive skills. Deloitte explores the impact that Gen Z will have on entry level jobs in organizations and strategies that can be implemented to best accommodate them. How Gen Z consumers will affect your business This new generation, which will surpass the amount of millennials, has entirely different expectations and consumer habits than previous generations. Forbes identifies several ways they will impact your products, marketing techniques, and business. How to create a culture that nurtures your Gen Z and Millennial employees I sat down with Jennifer Juo at Udemy and identified several key initiatives that your organization can implement to best nurture and develop your Gen Z and Millennial talent, and the nuances that separate the two generations. Have a great week, Aaron

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