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Hiring and Firing Employees

Bad hires can have a dramatic effect on your team’s morale and performance and cost your organization valuable resources. I’ve curated a selection of articles that discuss how to hire a good employee, and how to fire and bounce back from a bad hire.

How to hire the right employee

The traditional interviewing process doesn’t always cut it when you are searching for the right employee for your organization. Adam Bryant of the New York Times takes a comprehensive look at approaching the interviewing process in a more effective way, including strategies from seasoned CEOs.

What to do if an employee doesn’t work out

After multiple chances, counseling, bad performance reviews, and warnings, it’s often time to take that final step. Hubspot lays out a step by step guide you can use when you need to fire an employee.

How to restore balance to your team after a bad hire

A bad hire can disrupt your team’s morale, have a negative impact on customer service, lead to decreased productivity and ultimately cause profitability to take a hit, advises Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology and The Best Team Wins. He details several steps you can take to help your team bounce back and restore productivity.



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