From early on in her career, working in Russia just after the fall of the Berlin Wall to being a key player in Silicon Valley, Kim Scott of Radical Candor shares her wide variety of life experiences and how they shaped her thoughts on leadership at work. In our conversation, we touch on a range of topics, from key mistakes managers make to hugging in the workplace (Kim shares an awkward moment!). I know you’ll enjoy her insights and wisdom.

Here are my four big takeaways from the conversation…

- Holding back on giving necessary negative feedback ultimately does more damage to your organization and team than simply sharing the gift of feedback with them. It also deprives the person in need of feedback and opportunity to learn and be better.

- Having a growth mindset is vital to being a good leader.

- Being an a**hole or being nice but incompetent are NOT your only two choices as a leader.

- Radical candor doesn’t always get easier and people often shy away from it because they fear retribution, especially when it comes to navigating the murky waters of gender, diversity and inclusion.

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