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Getting the candidate you want for your open position

An unexpected consequence of The Great Resignation is the trending occurrence of ghosting: potential applicants accepting a position but not showing up on their first day AND neglecting to inform the hiring organization.

Ghosting is inconsiderate and never a good thing. But, The Great Resignation has provided us with a great opportunity to take a good, hard look at all of our systems and practices.

It’s a unique opportunity to get curious and ask questions. What caused this prospective new hire to take another position?

While there are certainly some candidates that may have gotten a more lucrative offer (read: more $$$), I do think that is a facile solution for a more complex issue. Could there have been something during the hiring process that may have soured the applicant on the company?

  • Is your hiring process to impersonal? While automations and email templates are helpful in standardizing and maintaining company language, at some point the process needs to be more personal and less cold.

  • Is it possible that, during the interviewing process, they met with a manager who did not show up as a leader and coach of their people, but instead as a task manager or micromanager?

  • During the interviewing process, did one of your team members say something that did not align with your purported company values?

  • Did one of them unconsciously say something that could have conveyed discriminatory attitudes or strong political beliefs?

  • How often did you stay in touch with the prospective new hire during the hiring process? Were there regular touch points or were there lapses in communication? Are you communicating your excitement about them joining the team?

  • Are you personalizing the hiring process or are you treating the candidates like a number?

The employee experience begins NOT when a new hire starts their first day with the company, but way in the beginning, when you are in the interviewing process.

The way your organization handles and conducts interviews, negotiations and the hiring process all reflect on how it is to work for your company.

So this is a Great Opportunity to reflect and review your hiring and interviewing process from the very beginning to the end. By making sure your hiring process is aligned with your company values and culture, you'll gain a competitive edge over other organizations AND create a better experience for the candidates.

Let's create a better workplace together.

Listen: On The Open Honest and Direct Podcast, Shaniqua Davis, Founder and CEO of Noirefy, talks about the inherent biases that are often built into an organization’s hiring process.


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July Panel Discussion

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**** We always welcome new guests who share the same vision of the new world of work as we do and therefore allot a few spots for guests! Are there leaders in your organization who would benefit from these learning opportunities? If so, please send them the link and have them sign up ASAP as those guest spots do fill up quickly.

Cheers! Aaron


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