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How You Show Up Matters

How can you show up for your team? Where should you be focusing your energy and attention as a leader? It’s a time to show up with empathy, transparency, clarity on your next steps, and vision for a new future amidst this new reality. Here are a few tips to help on your journey... Start with WHAT, HOW & WHY. Want to inspire your team to take action? Go back to the basics and make sure you’re clearly communicating WHAT, HOW and WHY, says HBR. How not to handle a crisis. Thank you, Michael Scott, for this leadership lesson.

Lead through Uncertainty. I’m excited to host a panel of prominent leaders featuring Kim Scott Co-Founder and Author of Radical Candor, PJ Bouten Co-Founder and CEO of Showpad, and Alex O’Brien US Marine and President of The Cardinal Group, as they share how they’ve been leading their teams through these uncertain times. RSVP here.

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