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Podcast Episode 16: Devin Gross | CEO, SonarMD; Former CEO, Emmi Solutions

Devin Gross started as the very first salesperson for a pre-revenue healthcare engagement company called Emmi Solutions and ascended the ranks quickly to become their CEO, where he grew the team from 35 to nearly 200 team members at the time of company’s acquisition in 2017. Transitioning from being a functional expert to a leadership role where you need to know everything was his biggest challenge, says Devin. He soon realized that it’s okay for a leader to not have all the answers, and instead rely on the experts you’ve hired and let them bring you up to speed.

Here are my three big takeaways from the conversation:

  1. Initially, as they grew quickly they promoted top performers into management but didn’t teach them how to manage. They had to get clear on their culture and what the expectations were for them as leaders and train them to develop their leadership skills.

  2. You may have team members who are “unofficial” leaders; they may not have an official title or position but are critical to the organization. These people should be empowered in different ways.

  3. Using a pyramid model to build a company, with several seasoned executives who establish the culture, and younger, less experienced people who can learn how to lead and grow with the company has been a successful model for both recruiting and building.

This episode is packed with wisdom from a seasoned leader - I know you’ll enjoy it! What was your biggest takeaway?



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