People are the secret sauce of any successful organization, says Peter Lynch, Head of People & Culture at Cardinal Group Companies. As a well known TEDx speaker and performance coach, Peter was invited to help build out the culture at Cardinal Group Companies and put his values into practice – to live the future of work. Building trust among all team members and leading by example are imperative steps that cannot be skipped or hurried through when creating a high performing culture, he believes. But when done, your organization, with its highly engaged and empowered team members and powerful leaders, will win in the marketplace any day of the week.

Here are my three big takeaways from the conversation:

  1. There is no more effective way to get buy-in for your company values than by leading by example.

  2. Don’t run from your weakness, instead leverage it to show how strong you can be.

  3. As leaders, it’s important to really get to know and give a damn about all your people in order to connect fully with them.



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[00:00:00] When you have an organization that’s empowered that is being trained and up-skilled, when you have powerful and strong leaders, when you give a damn about people, when you have engaged team members, when these things are taking place, you will win in the marketplace every day of the week.

Aaron: [00:00:28] Hi, I’m Aaron Levy. And I have this crazy vision of a workplace where your manager doesn’t suck; where instead of being the reason you quit, your job is actually the reason you stay with your managers, your coach, helping you to reach your full potential at work. I founded Raise The Bar, wrote Open, Honest, and Direct, and started this podcast to help companies transform form the workplace by creating an environment where both the company and employee succeeds.

[00:00:52] In this podcast, I get to interview leaders who build high-performing teams and learn from them on what it takes to unlock their team’s potential.

[00:00:59] Today I’m lucky to have Peter Lynch, the Head of People & Culture at Cardinal Group companies. He’s also a noted Fortune 500 executive, a TEDx speaker and a performance coach. In this episode, Peter talks about the first two steps to take when leading a new team and he highlights the importance of owning your weaknesses and your failures, as it leads to be a more powerful and impactful leader.

[00:01:21] I know you’ll enjoy this episode as much as I did. There’s tons of gold nuggets. Cheers.

Aaron: [00:01:26] Well, Peter, it’s awesome to have you on here. We’ve talked a lot of things, people certainly over the last several months. And so I’m excited to hear you and hear your story here on the podcast. Thanks for coming.

Peter: [00:01:38] Well, thanks so much, Aaron, you know? Yeah. Our last conversation, it was so awesome to kind of be in the flow with somebody. So I’m super excited to chat with you.

[00:01:46] Aaron: I think one of the things that’s really interested me is similar to Raise The Bar is you had your own business, and you still do, but you kind of took a step away from that studio and have dove in fully into Cardinal group to take on the role of VP of people and culture.

[00:02:05] And from what I know, it’s, fast-growing and a large company with thousands of employees. and you joined on just under a year ago. What inspired you to take that leap?

[00:02:17] Peter: Yeah, it was pretty a pretty amazing process, you know, not one that I was anticipating I would take for sure. And so I had been, you know, running my company for a couple of years and I’d been working with Cardinal.

[00:02:29] So I spoke at two of their leadership summits. I had coached their executive team around storytelling and I’d spent quite a bit of time with them and I just started to fall in love with this company. You know, I, most of what my time was I was consulting with companies on the future of work and I was speaking [00:02:48] on the future of work. And all of a sudden I was confronted with this company and these leaders that were living all of the things I was talking about, and I was just fascinated with it.

And so, you [00:03:00] know, when Alex O’Brien, the CEO and one of the co-founders, came to me and said, “Listen, Peter, We’re wanting to build out this people and culture team and bring in a high level leader.” And I said, well, let me help you find that person. And later that same night, Alex sent me a text and he said, would you consider the role? We want you. And my first gut reaction was no, you know, I had my own company, I was speaking on stages.

[00:03:25] but I was intrigued enough for us to have another conversation. And, you know, we worked out a deal that worked well for everybody to bring me in. And I can’t tell you how amazing it’s been, you know, to not only, still continue to speak on stages about the future of work, but I get to live the future of work too.

[00:03:43] So I’m not just talking about theory from the stage. I’m talking about what we’re actually doing and the results that we’re seeing.

[00:03:51] Aaron: Yeah. You’re not standing on the outside, you know, talking to people on the inside. You’