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Preventing the next big crisis in the workplace

Burnout is becoming more and more pervasive in our workplace cultures, and it’s only been magnified by the pandemic. I recently interviewed Kaitlyn Lyons, Executive Well-Being and Burnout Coach at Delightful Movement, on The Open Honest and Direct Podcast and was surprised to learn that recovery from burnout can last six to twelve months! The long term impact of this mental health crisis is significant to our organization’s productivity as well as to the health of our team members; through absenteeism, disengaged employees, increased health care costs, and more. According to Gallup, it’s not just on the rise with employees but managers as well.

Prevention is the best policy. As leaders of people, we MUST be able to spot the signs of burnout in our team members and in ourselves and implement policies to prevent it.

But policies aren’t enough if we aren’t following our own advice. By modeling the appropriate behaviors, we let our team know it’s okay to value wellness.

  • Executive Well-Being & Burnout Coach Kaitlyn Lyons shares the signs…

Of burnout, what to look out for, and how to recover in a recent episodeof The Open Honest and Direct Podcast.

  • Leaders have some control over their team’s wellness…

Establishing a psychologically safe environment, providing clarity and support, and prioritizing and modeling well-being and a work/life balance are just a few ways a leader can help prevent burnout, according to Gallup.


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