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Setting the right tone for new team members

Happy 2022! It seems like everyone is either hiring new team members or starting new positions themselves (and congrats to you if you’re one of them!). Their employee experience begins the moment they accept your job offer and it’s important to start off on the right foot with a comprehensive plan to ensure that they feel a part of the team as quickly as possible. Engaged employees are less likely to leave the organization, according to Gallup, and more likely to be "all-in" on the purpose. And if your team is remote or hybrid, it’s even more of a challenge to provide them a great employee experience and prevent them from feeling isolated. Outside of focusing on the specific job duties and responsibilities of your new hire, what can you, as a leader, do to make them feel a part of the team?

  • Player cards are a tool that provides valuable insight…

Into how each team member communicates and works best. Have each member of your team complete one and put them in a shared folder or up on your website, so they are accessible to all. Each new hire should fill one out prior to their first day.

  • Integrating them into the team…

Welcome your new hire into your organization with a welcome message, introducing them to the team, along with their Player Card. Set up several meetings with key team members so they can get an overall view of the company’s operations and values, along with a role download. Connect them with a work buddy/mentor; and host regular virtual team gatherings and coffee chats between team members.

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