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The Challenges People Ops Leaders Face

People are the most important asset of any organization. That special mix of talent and perspectives, along with the learning and feedback culture that you have built, are an organization’s secret sauce. And the People Operations department is the integral area that supports your biggest asset. Whereas the traditional Human Resources area was about managing rules and policies, People Operations is “about designing work so that your team members WANT to be there - present, engaged and proud of what they do.” (Buffer)

It’s about creating a workplace that is exciting, energizing, fulfilling, and equitable to all. It’s about creating a people first culture where we see each team member as an individual, a human with needs, goals and dreams.

People ops leaders face unique and ever changing hurdles that can challenge their efforts, though, such as budgetary cuts, RIFs, creating connection, remote/hybrid work, and using metrics to quantify the impact of people oriented initiatives. Today we explore some of these challenges.

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The employee experience is a key consideration in 2023 and managers are a crucial part of both the growth and success of their team members, as well as their retention. But managers are suffering as well, with only 35% of US managers reporting being engaged and 14% actively disengaged. There are several important strategies for supporting your managers, including training and establishing clear expectations and priorities, says Lattice.

Bad managers not only play a huge role in turnover, they also hold back people and teams from being agile, innovative, and ultimately productive. Learn more about how to give them the tools, skills & training to be coaches for their people.

Listen: The Changing Face of HR

Anthony Onesto, author, culture expert, and Chief People Officer at Suzy, discusses how traditional human resources has changed over the years and where it is headed. Factors such as Gen Z entering the workforce and macroeconomic trends will create a need for a stronger HR professional that will have a seat at the table.

Join us: Re-skill & Upskill Your Team: Strategies for Thriving in an Uncertain Market

Upskilling and re-skilling your team members can be the key to thriving during uncertain times, making do with less, and cultivating a versatile, growth-oriented team. I’m excited to co-host a panel discussion tomorrow, Wednesday 2/22, where we will talk about how to make do with less while still providing an excellent employee experience. Save your spot here.

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