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Using communication to reduce workplace stress

Employee stress and burnout is a burgeoning issue for organizations to be concerned with, according to the recently released State of the Global Workplace 2021 from Gallup. While employee engagement actually increased in the US and Canada last year, so did stress levels, which began increasing in 2019 and continued to rise during the pandemic. On a global level, engagement was down overall and stress increased. Stress and burnout affects the innovation, productivity, and general happiness of our team members.

One key way to both engage with your team members and create a less stressful employee experience is by establishing regular and effective communication with them, whether they are remote or in-office employees.

1. Team members who are both highly engaged and thriving in life …

Have less stress and burnout, according to Gallup.

2. Leaders who plan and strategize regularly...

Allow themselves more time to support and listen to their team members on a regular basis. Here’s a useful tool for your weekly self check ins.

3. Three conversations leaders always need to have with their teams...

Because regular communication and feedback is a key ingredient to reducing employee burnout. Cheers! Aaron


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