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Why a happy workplace is a productive workplace

Why must we buy into the old paradigm that work isn’t supposed to be fun? Of course, we all need down time and to achieve a healthy work-life balance. But we shouldn’t perpetuate the idea (nor the unfortunate reality) that work is an unpleasant, boring and stress filled place that takes up 25% or more of our adult lives; and that many people hate and find to be a source of unhappiness in their lives.

People want purpose; it feels good to be productive and to be part of a larger thing that makes a significant impact on others. So how can we, as leaders, help change this tired old perception that work must be unpleasant to be successful? Today we discuss different ideas that create a happier and higher performing work environment for you and your team.

1. Why creating a happy culture is the answer...

To raising the bar on productivity in the workplace.

2. Why the hybrid model of work is here to stay…

It gives your team flexibility and autonomy to choose what works best for them on that day, says Jack Altman of Lattice.

3. Why feedback can backfire on you …

And how to do it correctly to make it a true gift.

Be happy!



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