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Why The Workplace Needs To Change

What does the future of our workplace look like? Many of us have participated in the huge and sudden experiment of working from home during quarantine, and it’s changed the way we think about the workplace. Some companies are minimizing their real estate footprint and looking to keep most of their staff remote, while others will head back to business as usual. During a recent informal poll on my LinkedIn page, we asked what peoples’ thoughts were regarding heading back to an office. While 10% of those surveyed wanted to get back to the office, 90% wanted to be able to continue working from home at least part of the time. Today we explore the pros and cons of alternative work options.

  1. Human beings are social creatures that need spontaneous interaction at work, says Simon Sinek. Watch this video where he talks about what he predicts will happen to the workplace of the future.

  2. Many workers are enjoying the flexibility of alternative work arrangements for a better work/life balance.

  3. Leading a productive remote team requires a lot more work and communication. I share several successful strategies here.

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Cheers! Aaron


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