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Working to promote inclusivity

Have you met my niece Nora? She’s an energetic, beautiful and loving little girl who lights up a room. She’s also one of my greatest gifts, as she has created the space for me to truly understand empathy and inclusiveness.

Nora faced a series of complications and obstacles in her early years and spent much time in and out of the hospital and now has severe developmental setbacks. This experience led my brother and sister-in-law to create The Nora Project, whose mission is to promote inclusivity and spread awareness at the earliest stage of development - in the classroom; so that myths, stereotypes and harmful attitudes can be dispelled in favor of a more accessible and more inclusive future. Through Nora, I have learned how to meet people where they are at, both emotionally, physically, and psychologically. She’s helped me focus more on learning about others before assuming I know them. With all the divisiveness, it’s more crucial than ever to work together to promote kindness and empathy. Thus, in honor of Giving Tuesday and Nora, today we focus on the importance of creating spaces for this to happen. Why volunteering is good for your organization Volunteering can help create a sense of purpose and belonging in your organization, break down the silos, and can help team members build valuable leadership skills as well, says Lattice. Spreading empathy through early-childhood education The Nora Project works to bring Nora Friends (children with disabilities) into classrooms with typically-developing students. These interactions change the lives of young students, Nora friends and all the families involved by teaching empathy, acceptance, and inclusion while sparking friendships between students and children with disabilities. Want to help spread empathy this year? Here’s how you can get involved… 1. Donate to The Nora Project. 2. Spread the word to others! 3. Share your time by getting involved here.

I’m so grateful you continue to be a member of our community of leaders, Aaron, Kim and the entire Raise The Bar Team


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