Take your company to the next level

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Why partner with us?

1) Empower your managers

Provide your managers with the tools, skills, and training to become better leaders

2) Create your management university

Ensure a consistent set of leadership expectations and instill a common language for all current and future managers


3) Community learning

Unlock access to a community of certified leaders to learn from

What do leaders have to say?

"I've been to a lot of training and workshops before but never experienced anything like Raise The Bar. Your training style and engagement with the group was incredible and it allowed me to feel comfortable and want to get out of my comfort zone."

Charlie Schwartz | Business Development Manager at Showpad


What does it look like?

3 Month Program (Live or Virtual)

Develop the fundamental leadership habits over TWO full-day in-person workshops or SIX virtual workshops.

Dedicated Leadership Coach

Between workshops managers will have assignments to practice. Then, reflect on what’s working, what’s not, and how they can take the next steps with their Raise The Bar Leadership Coach.

360 Manager & Company Assessment

Every manager completes an initial 360 management assessment and a 6-month follow up assessment to assess growth over time.


In addition to individualized reports for each manager, receive a company-wide report along with a company commitment score.

Become a Certified Leader

After completing Bootcamp 1.0, leaders receive their certification as an Open, Honest, and Direct Certified Leader (Level 1).

Community Access

Each graduating leader receives access to the Open, Honest, and Direct Leader Community for continued learning and support.

Strategic Support

Meet between each session with our team to learn key organizational challenges and themes arising from our work together.


$2,500 per manager

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What could this look like for your team?

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