Build Better Managers.
Create a common language, build their leadership toolkit and empower your managers with skills to lead their people.

Millennials go all-in when they have managers who understand, recognize and can coach them.


Develop the

Habits of a Leader

Learn Habits of a Leader
– Determine specific goals and commitments for each manager
– Deliver four workshops on the four essential leadership habits:
+ Listening with Intention and Attention
+ Asking Powerful Questions
+ Communicating Directly
+ Holding Critical Conversations
Apply in Real Life
– Complete homework assigned for each workshop 
– Practice new habits in real life work scenarios
– Make mistakes, learn and adjust in real time
Reflect, Assess and Adjust 
– Reflect on what happened when applying the new habit during a session with your leadership coach
– Assess what worked well and what didn't work
– Adjust plan and formulate ways to apply habit going forward

There are no task leaders, only task managers.

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