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Getting ahead: a look at 2019 trends

The workplace is rapidly changing and organizations must not only be aware of the trends - they must be able to adapt quickly.

Five predictions for learning trends in the workplace in 2019 Automation, artificial intelligence, and customized learning experiences will impact the way we learn in the workplace. Udemy predicts how these factors and more will impact us in the 2019 Workplace Learning Trends and Predictions report.

3 ways to spark innovation in your organization next year Innovators are important; however, it’s builders (the people who champion an idea and commercialize it within the company) that are most integral to growth. Gallup analyzes the company culture and management behavior that encourages builders to take the necessary risks to bring ideas to fruition.

How the zoom out/zoom in approach may be better for strategic planning In an unpredictable and rapidly changing world, the five-year strategic plan may not be the optimal way to take advantage of new initiatives in the market. Instead, focusing on two different time horizons concurrently - the short-term and very long-term future - can allow a company to be agile quickly while envisioning the impact on the organization in ten to twenty years. Deloitte takes a deep dive into how and why the zoom out/zoom in approach works.

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