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Meet The Team

Shiri Bade Headshot.jpg

Shiri Bade

Leadership Coach

Five Words To Describe Me

Genuine, open minded, insightful, curious, persevering

My Ideal Day Involves

Sunshine, blue skies, being in nature. Some alone time in the morning with hot tea and a book.

Snowboarding with my boys

Heather Headshot.jpeg

Heather Blonsky


What Holds Me Back from Being at My Best 
Pushing for perfect, saying 'yes' when I don't have

the bandwidth, and not having clear expectations

My Favorite Quote

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature,

she finds it attached to the rest of the world”
- John Muir

Julie B Headshot - Julie Bronsteatter.jpg

Julie Bronsteatter

Leadership Coach

I Work Best When

Communications is flowing; I can bring my while self - from my inner vulnerability to my loud and distinct laugh (which I've been told is contagious)

My Ideal Day Involves

Morning yoga, coaching, cooking for and

eating with friends &family, a lot of laughter,

a glass of red wine

Genna_Clark - Genna Clark.jpg

Genna Clark

Leadership Coach

Five Words That Describe Me

Playful, authentic, kind, objective
and introvert

I'm Committed To

Encouraging more compassionate, purposeful, confident and generous leadership to show up in inspiring and impactful ways in the world


Nolan Felicidario


I Work Best When

I have a team that believes in me,

I have the resources necessary to succeed, and communication is clear

My Ideal Day Involves

Relaxing, spending time with friends/ family, being outdoors


Lauren Flaherty

Leadership Coach

I'm Committed To

Being a powerful listener so you can

feel heard


My Ideal Day Involves 

Connecting with a stranger in a grocery store, hiking with my friends, and game nights with

my family, performing on stage in musicals and creating shared experiences through theatre, improv, arts and crafts... being a creator


Kimberly Rauwald Flood

Leadership Coach

My Favorite Quote

"We do not see things as they are,
but as we are ourselves"
- Anonymous

My Ideal Day Involves

Sunshine, a delicious meal, learning,

knocking it out of the park, and seeing

my kids smile

Glasa Gottschalk headshot (option 1).png

Glasa Gottschalk

Leadership Coach

I'm Committed To

Creating a safe space where

authenticity and belonging thrives,

so you can bring your whole self

My Favorite Quote

"Do the best you can until you know better.

Then when you know better, do better"

- Maya Angelou

Carly Headshot.jpeg

Carly Hutchinson

Leader Experience

I'm Committed To

Making changes for the people around me, it’s important to draw inspiration and passion to drive intentions

I Work Best When

A team is all aligned on the same goals, intentions, and outcome to accomplish what we set forth!


Kim Israel

Business Operations

Five Words To Describe Me

Easy going, committed, down to Earth,

passionate, curious, honest

What Makes Me Smile

Animals (especially Walter), Fall,

reading, baking, my husband


Andréa Ranae Johnson

Leader Experience Specialist

I Work Best When

I believe in the work, I’m well rested, in an inspiring environment, collaborating with great people and I have clear deliverables and deadlines.

I'm Committed To

Giving myself the grace and space to become all that I am and supporting others to do the same.

Aaron Levy_Headshot.jpg

Aaron Levy

Founder, Leadership Coach

My Ideal Day Involves

A run or ride, a good coffee, reading,

and quality time with

friends and family

My Favorite Quote

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth" - Muhammad Ali


Bill Mitchell

Leadership Coach

My Ideal Day Involves

Quality time with family/friends, good food, outdoor activity, reflective calm, personal growth & meaningful contribution

My Favorite Quote

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore"

Stacey Headshot 1.jpg

Stacey Patillo

Leadership Coach

Five Words To Describe Me

​Introspective, Love-Activist, Helpful,

Outdoorsy, and Faithful

My Favorite Quote

​"We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves in new ways of thinking"

- Richard Rohr



George Rohrer

Leadership Coach

Five Words To Describe Me

Insightful, authentic, committed,

compassionate, and easy-going

My Ideal day Involves

Meaningful conversations, insightful learning, a swim / steam / sauna, a good IPA or coffee, being loving to all things

Tina T.jpeg

Tina Tuszynski


I'm Committed To

Being authentic and inspiring other

to live their best lives

What Makes Me Smile

My cute cats and pretty much all animals!

My husband, my son, my friends, cooking

a great meal and so much more it won't fit here!

Walter Smile.png


Lead Puppy

What Makes Me Smile

Other puppies, ball, frisbee, and the
thought of a good long nap

I'm Committed To

Making others smile and

living the good life


Ami Yoshida


I'm Committed To

Delivering efficient and effective solutions to complex problems

What Makes Me Smile

My husband, my son, dark chocolate, good coffee, good food, get-togethers, painting, traveling

Be A Part Of The Team

Current Openings:

At RTB, we get out of our comfort zone, challenge ourselves, make mistakes and learn from them. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and skills. We recognize that diverse teams make strong teams. RTB is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and employer.

Don't see an open role for you? 
Send us a message telling us why you want to be a part of the team!

Benefits of Being on the Team

Minimum Vacation Policy.

We believe enjoying life outside of RTB is critical for your health, well-being, and success. To make sure this happens, we require team members to take AT LEAST 15 days of paid vacation each year. 


Every Friday is a Summer Friday.

At RTB we wrap work early on Fridays, not just in the summer, but ALL year-round.


Do your thing.

Work when you want and how you want. At RTB, we focus on outcomes, not hours. 



It’s important to us that the team shares in the success of what we’ve built together. We do that through profit sharing. Once a year team members receive a profit-sharing payment based on the profitability of RTB. 



We are always learning and growing and we put our money where our mouth is. We pay you to read by reimbursing you for a book-a-month.


Health Insurance.

We cover a portion of your medical premiums and health benefits.



Investing in your future is important, which is why we offer a 401K plan for you to participate in.


Internet Credit.

We work from anywhere and to help make that happen for you we provide you with a monthly stipend.

Learning Culture.

We actively connect, share ideas, and learn from one another. We find the ability to absorb ideas from the collective wisdom of the team is a great way to grow a person and professional.