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Set the foundation of trust & accountability on your executive team by building team agreements.


30 minutes with a Exec Team Performance Consultant

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A High Performing
Executive Team...

  • gives & receives trust from one another 

  • makes decisions & executes at speed

  • is not afraid of conflict

  • feels safe to speak up & challenge one another

  • holds one another accountable for business outcomes

A great executive team is not just a curation of great talent; it requires the building of a team that works together toward a common goal.

Here's How It Works


Establish Operating Agreements

Set the foundation of trust & accountability through a clear set of Operating Agreements & associated behaviors.



Completion of a Team Assessment along with Pre-Work for all Individual Exec Team Members to Complete



Strategic Planning Meeting with Executive Coach, CEO & Head of People to align on successful delivery & outcomes.



Half-day offsite with entire Executive Team to establish Executive Team Operating Agreements


Build Trust & Performance Sessions

Hold accountability as a team by assessing team effectiveness & practice working together each quarter.

Quarterly accountability sessions focus on…

  • Assessing team effectiveness over the past quarter.

  • Building trust & performance through customized team-building activities.

  • Determine commitments for the upcoming quarter.

Connect with a seasoned executive coach to explore how to best support your current team.


Executive Coaching

Hold accountability to team & business objectives and turn ideas into action through executive coaching.

Coaching is provided on a monthly basis.

Ready to start working better together?

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