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The Future of Work is Here.

High growth startups are often focused on building their business at the expense of their team’s formal growth and development. Upskilling & reskilling your team members, however, can be the key to thriving during uncertain times, making do with less, and cultivating a versatile, growth-oriented team.

Join our team of experts as they discuss strategies for upskilling & reskilling your team members to help your business hit your ambitious growth goals in this uncertain market.

Key takeaways include:
• Why startups shouldn’t put job leveling on the back burner
• The pitfalls of leveling and performance evaluation at high-growth startups
• How people leaders can turn career frameworks into a growth lever

• Aaron Levy | Founder & CEO, Raise The Bar
• Michelle Mesina | Chief People Officer, Atlas
• Jim Conti | Talent Partner, Hyde Park Venture Partners

2023_June Community Workshop.png


Creating Team Agreements


June 20th at 12 PM CST


Tell me more....

Team agreements set the ground rules for working with each other, what’s okay and not okay to say or do, and how you can best communicate together. 

In this workshop, you will:

  • Explore the keys to a High-Performing Team

  • Understand how Team Agreements improve team performance

  • Get a framework for building Team Agreements for your team

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