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January Community Workshop - Setting Intentions vs. Goals

Have you chosen your ‘word’ for 2022? While we need to have goals, they tend to be more of a ‘destination’, while intentions help to guide the ‘journey’.

Intentions set the tone for how you want to show up each day – they’re the daily focus that will help you reach your big goals. Starting with an intention such as ‘listen with more patience’ gives you a focus for how to achieve your goals in a meaningful way. Your intention acts as your North Star.

Join Raise The Bar Leadership Coach Shiri Bade as she helps you to set your intention for 2022 in this free workshop.

In August 2021, our Chicago based RTB team members collected around 420 books for Bernie's Book Bank, through a combination of gently used book donations as well as over $1,000 in donated gift cards, which were then used to purchase new books.