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Building a high performing, engaged team

Diversity and psychological safety help create an environment where innovative ideas and creativity flow. They are two key components which lead to a high performing team. This week, we take a look at several ways to cultivate employee engagement in your organization.

The importance of “belonging” When people feel like they “belong” in an organization and their purposes are aligned, they become inspired and engaged and are therefore more productive employees who operate at their best. Gallup provides some guideposts for building this kind of culture and provides a few examples.

Responding under pressure If you tend to buckle under pressure, it will affect your team’s performance and morale, even if you are a great manager the rest of the time, according to a study by the Harvard Business Review. Adopting a few new habits can help you react and lead more effectively in these defining moments.

Leveling the playing field Women, people of color, and women of color encounter myriad barriers to entrepreneurship. In my latest Forbes article, I examine how these barriers can affect innovation and what we can do to level the playing field.

You’re invited to a special evening workshop... How do you create the space for your people to be at their best? What role does psychological safety play in team performance? What can you do to help your team perform at a higher level? We’ll discuss these questions and more during the evening workshop on open, honest and direct leadership.

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