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Why leadership takes courage

Being an effective leader requires courage and intentionality. Leaders often have to do the difficult and uncomfortable actions in order to best serve their people. This means showing up every day, committed to helping, challenging and coaching.

How does this translate into daily actions?

It means giving feedback on a timely basis, both the good and the bad. It means being willing to step outside your comfort zone to explore new ideas and learn something new. It means being able to accept and embrace others’ ideas and feedback graciously, and having those difficult conversations with a team member. Today we explore how to be a more courageous leader, and why it’s integral to leading a high performing team.

1. Low courage managers undermine your organization’s success...

By trying to please everyone.

2. When leaders hold back on feedback to spare feelings...

You end up hurting all of your team, says Kim Scott of Radical Candor.

3. Have the courage to show your vulnerability...

And you’ll get 100% commitment from your team.

Want to be a more courageous leader? We’ve got several bootcamp sessions coming up in 2021 and we’d love you to be a part of them.

Be brave!


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