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Why have employee engagement programs failed?

Why don’t employee engagement programs work? In the 20 years Gallup has been studying employee engagement – the number of engaged employees hasn’t changed. It’s not due to lack of effort – billions have been spent addressing employee engagement and yet we’re no better off than we were 20 years ago, but why? This Gallup study shares why.

What the heck are Anti-Goals? This short piece shares the story of one set of founders who thought about what they didn’t want to do to help them structure their company. It’s an interesting read and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Read their story.

Why doing awesome work means making yourself vulnerable? Here’s a brilliant Fast Company interview with the one and only Brene Brown. Brene talks about the importance of being yourself at work. I don’t say this often, but it’s a must read.

What tips do you have for a first-time manager? When I first was thrown into a leadership position, I had no clue where to help others I made a checklist of the three conversations every manager should have with their employees. Here’s the checklist. Have a great week, Aaron

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