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What is the New World of Work?

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Over the last decade, I’ve been immersing myself in this question. Every day I get to talk to fascinating leaders about what the new world of work looks like and how they’re working to create it.


I’m excited to start sharing those conversations with you all the Raising The Bar on Leadership podcast. 

Welcome to the Raising The Bar on Leadership Podcast!

We're excited to have you joining us today as we welcome the very insightful Kelly Buchanan, CPO at Revinate, to the show.

In this episode you will learn:

How hungry team members can become Ambassadors for cultural growth
Why we should shift our focus from getting more people to cultural initiatives to the people that are showing up
Wise words from leaders and past experiences + more

Kelly brings 20+ years of experience to her role as Chief People Officer at Revinate, where - as a proud boomerang hire - she oversees the team’s global people and culture strategy. She is also a founding member of Chief’s San Francisco chapter - a network focused on developing female executive leaders.

Kelly’s had a wide range of experience as a people leader and in this conversation we dive deep into the importance of experimentation, what it looks like on a people team and how to get initiatives off the ground faster so your business doesn’t have to wait to reap the benefits.

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On today's episode, we are joined by Aidan McCullen. Aidan is a change consultant and works with organizations to improve how they collaborate and create the environment for change. He is the Host and Founder of The Global Innovation Show, a speaker, board advisor, author, and a reinvention expert.

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In today’s episode, Rod Lacey, the Chief People Officer at simPro, a private SaaS company that provides cloud-based job and project management software to those in field service and trade contracting industries, introduces the concept of fostering trust through candor as a people leader. We dive deep into the 90-second rule, how to identify a great manager, tips for leading + serving teams across a multicultural organization, 3 questions to ask yourself before making an investment as a people leader, and more.

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In today’s episode, Mariah Nagy, the Head of People at Monte Carlo, a company that helps data engineers improve their data reliability and downtime, talks about how they maintain culture and connection across a global and remote team. Mariah was a college athlete turned public accountant turned seasoned people leader with 15 plus years of experience scaling high growth global companies. In this conversation, we talk about the vulnerability cycle, a one size fits one approach to employee experience, and all the other things that it takes to grow a fully remote global team.

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In today’s episode, Anthony Onesto, a leading expert and published author on culture, human resources, and talent, joins us to talk about the changing role of HR and Gen Z’s impact on the workforce. Anthony has this fantastic high level view of the people space, the HR space and function, and its role within the business, and how that role is changing and will continue to change in the next couple of years.

Anthony is currently the Chief People Officer at Suzy, the author of The New Employee Contract: How to Find, Keep, and Elevate Gen Z Talent, and the creator of Ella The Engineer and the Ella Project.

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In this episode, Dr. Timothy R. Clark, Founder and CEO of LeaderFactor, and international authority in the fields of psychological safety and innovation, large-scale change & transformation, and senior leadership development, explores the stages of psychological safety in an organization and its relationship to vulnerability. Dr. Clark is the author of five books, including his new best-seller, The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation.

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Matt is the CEO and Co-Founder of Clockwise and AI-powered scheduling app built to help teams and people make time for what matters most before Clockwise. He helped build RelateIQ, a company acquired by Salesforce for 390 million. He was previously a front-end software engineer. A civil litigator and a founder of a variety of software startups.

Matt holds a BA from Dartmouth and a JD from UPenn in Philadelphia. In today's conversation, we talk about the challenge of moving from an individual contributor to a manager of people, of going from getting instant gratification to delayed gratification as you lead others, and how to best maximize your time during that transition.

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In today’s episode, Keturah McCottry, Director, Learning and Development at Radancy, the leading cloud-based talent acquisition software provider intelligently solving the most critical challenges for enterprises globally and delivering cost-efficient outcomes that strengthen their organizations, shares the importance of being open to change, her key tool to GSD, creating and then letting go so projects can spread their wings + more.

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In today’s episode, Anitra St. Hilaire, the Vice President of People at ThreeFlow, a Benefits Placement Software that brokers and carriers use to maintain relationships and help employers make the best benefit decisions, introduces the concept of Responsible Transparency. We dive deep into the importance of communication and its impact on business performance and what it means to provide clarity and context in your communication.

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In today’s episode, Laura Luckman Kelber, Chief Marketing Officer of Double Good, a virtual fundraising organization, selling premium popcorn to fund teams and non-profits, talks about the non-sexy stuff that builds successful teams, from stamina to deliberate practice and saying no as the core tenets of what builds successful leadership and successful companies. Laura is a strategic catalyst, a marketing wiz, a revenue accelerator, and productivity orchestrator.

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Doug Kofoid, the CEO of EDITED, a global leader in retail intelligence, has had a myriad of experiences leading and scaling successful teams. Before Edited, Doug ran DialogTech and led them through a successful exit. In today’s conversation, Doug dives deep into his varied experience to pull out some common traits that you can use to help your team succeed.

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In this episode, Caroline Werner, the Chief People Officer at LogicGate, a fast scaling organization that provides a modern risk management platform for enterprise businesses, discusses the concept of career journeys or portfolios and how they create a common language for top talent in your organization. We dive a mile deep into the benefits, the challenges, and the way a good career journey supports the future growth of your business.

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