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How can you develop the habits of a leader?

What is the ‘right’ leadership style?

How can I lead if I’m an introvert?

Are there certain people who aren’t meant to lead?

This week’s curation answers these questions and more. Enjoy!

Why do most managers suck? The skills required to be a powerful leader are vastly different than those needed as an individual contributor, and we rarely invest the time, energy, and resources to empower our managers with those skills. Read more What is an ambivert? It’s somewhere between extrovert and introvert. Apparently, we’re not all necessarily one or the other. We can be somewhere in between. That’s what I loved about this podcast by Adam Grant on personality types. He looks beyond the traits and talks about how they can be flexible as opposed to being your fate. Listen to the episode here How can you develop the habits of a leader? I'm excited to share that we’ve opened up a new leadership bootcamp to individual managers. If you’re a leader looking to grow or have a leader you need to see take themselves to the next level, click here to learn more and apply. Have a great week, Aaron

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