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How does Warby Parker approach their employee experience?

Enjoy a behind the scenes look at Warby Parker, tips for making your team great and a new way to approach learning and development!

How does Warby Parker approach their employee experience?This is an awesome step by step description of how Warby Parker thinks about their employees and the lifecycle of an employee from day one. It’s a worthwhile read. Take a peak.

What two things make teams great?

For starters, they foster psychological safety – the belief that you will not be punished/humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes. Secondly, they have cognitive diversity. Curious about how to build these habits with your team? Read here.

What is invisible learning and development?

Bersin (Deloitte) defines it as, “An L&D approach to developing the workforce by enabling and assisting learning throughout the organization, wherever and whenever it happens.” Here's a simple overview. Have a great week, Aaron

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