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When is firing a client the right move?

I’ve personally felt the pain and seen the impact on my business from taking on the wrong client or keeping an employee on too long. These are some of the hardest choices we have to make as leaders. Adam Robinson, a friend and mentor of mine shares his story. I’ve also shared a piece on performance development and a podcast from Adam Grant.


When is firing a client the right move?

Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology, shares a story of how his largest client almost bankrupt his company and the lessons he’s learned from it. Learn from his mistake so you don’t make the same one yourself. Read his story here.

Three reasons why it’s not all about the money for employees.

Employees want to feel like they’re making a difference, like they’re connected to their team and company and like they’re growing. In this article, Gallup talks about a few reasons why performance development is so important. Take a read.

What is your second score?

Your second score is how you handle feedback. Adam Grant argues it’s not only about measuring how good your initial decision was, it’s also about assessing how you handle feedback and your response. We don’t often think about this when assessing ourselves and others. Yet, this second score is even more important than your first score because it looks at how open you are to learning from your mistakes and improving. Listen to the last 3 minutes of Adam Grant’s podcast to hear more.

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