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Feedback is a gift

Feedback is a gift AND an important tool in helping both your team and your organization achieve their potential. This week, I’ve curated several articles which feature strategies for giving and receiving feedback effectively.

Why negative feedback only works in one situation

Giving negative feedback to employees only works when the employee feels truly valued by the giver, according to a Harvard study. Scott Mautz of Inc. identifies several ways to build a relationship that supports both positive and negative feedback.

What do you do when an employee gets defensive

While feedback is a necessary tool for improvement, some employees may not take it positively. Amy Jen Su reviews constructive strategies for delivering feedback to employees who cry, yell, or get defensive.

Follow these five steps and you’re set

How do you go about having a critical conversation so that the other person hears you? How do you set yourself up in the best position for holding a productive critical conversation? Find the five steps here.

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