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How to motivate your team close out the year strong

With less than three months left till year end, it’s time to push for that last big effort to hit your goals or blow past them. This past week I had a chance to sit down and finish my Q4 planning and thought I’d share a few perspectives on how you can fully engage your team in this endeavor.

Holding your team accountable for their actions is key

As a leader, you must hold your team members accountable for their goals in order to achieve optimal performance. Inc.’s Jim Schleckser reviews the three steps that, when done consistently, will help you to be a better leader.

What NOT to do when trying to motivate a team

Motivational techniques can often lack authenticity and seem obligatory. Only 21% of employees feel that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work, according to Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report. Ron Carucci explores three common motivational attempts that fail and offers alternatives for recognition that are genuine in this Harvard Business Review article.

Three conversations to have with your team

In my Forbes article, I define a process that managers can use to ensure clarity and accountability with their teams. These three conversations will guide your team on a path to reaching their goals and avert that last minute scramble that too often occurs.

November’s Leadership Bootcamp: Added two more seats

Our upcoming leadership bootcamp that was sold out now has a two more OPEN SPOTS after we were able to lock in a larger space! We kick off in on November 1st and are still accepting applications through the end of the week.

Apply here for one of the final spots.

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