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Staying agile and relevant in a changing world of AI

There’s nothing more constant than change in the world of work. This week, I share perspectives on the future of work, artificial intelligence, and how to adapt and stay agile. Plus, I share my interview with NPR’s Guy Raz and how he is changing the narrative of entrepreneurship.

What one in the know CEO is telling his kids about the future

How will Artificial Intelligence affect work and our daily lives? Upwork CEO Stephane Kasriel discusses 5 things he’s telling his kids to prepare them for the future in Fast Company article. Bottom line? Tech will complement our abilities and push innovation.

What organizations can do to prepare for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI will disrupt the way companies do business, and the key to winning or losing will be leadership’s ability to adopt new ways of thinking, their readiness to reinvent themselves, and how quickly they do both. Often company cultures inhibit the necessary agility to adapt and change quickly. Gallup discusses how organizations can prepare their culture to best adapt to the AI business model.

How Guy Raz is reinventing how we see entrepreneurship

I recently had the honor of interviewing Guy Raz of NPR’s How I Built This podcast, the Ted Radio Hour, and Wow in the World for my Thrive global article. Raz is changing the narrative of leadership by sharing vulnerable stories of successful entrepreneurs: failures, crises, and low points that are relatable to all of us.

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