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Why spreading empathy & acceptance matters (AND how you can be part of it!)

A little over 4.5 years ago, my niece, Nora Bea came into this world. Due to a series of complications and obstacles, she’s been in and out of the hospital and now has severe developmental setbacks.

When Nora came into my life, my world changed forever. Through her journey, she's shown me what it means to truly be with someone where they are at, to accept and love them for who they are instead of what they are not.

In honor of Nora and Giving Tuesday, this week’s articles are focused on the importance of empathy in the workplace.

Read all the way to the end to hear more about Nora’s story and how you can help.

Rewards multiply with workplace empathy

Organizations that teach their managers to incorporate empathy in all aspects of their work find that the benefits overall are significantly positive. A significant percentage of employees, however, do not perceive their workplace practices empathy. The Washington Post discusses how companies can bridge this empathy gap

The Business Case for Inclusion Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is not something to do SIMPLY because it’s the right thing - it can actually provide your organization with a strong competitive advantage. The Association for Talent Development (ATD) shares how in this article.

How The Nora Project spreads empathy

The Nora Project works to bring Nora Friends (children with disabilities) into classrooms with typically-developing students. These interactions change the lives of young students, Nora friends and all the families involved by teaching empathy, acceptance, and inclusion while sparking friendships between students and children with disabilities.

The impact is far-reaching – last year we went from 8 to 32 schools – and we’re aiming to touch even more lives this year.

I’m reaching out to ask for help. Here’s how...

1) If you’ve not yet donated and can give, please DONATE HERE. 2) Spread acceptance. Before you judge, seek to understand. Accept others for who they are instead of what they are not.

Thank you,

Aaron, Kim and the entire Raise The Bar Team

Scroll down for a few happy pictures of Nora!

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