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4 ways to inspire your team to learn

A learning culture is one that not only accepts mistakes, but embraces them for the sake of growth. It's a culture where people give each other open and honest feedback frequently as a means to learn and grow; it’s a culture where people hold a growth mindset and work together toward common objectives and outcomes.

A learning culture is key to having an organization that is agile and adaptable to change. It also cultivates innovation and productivity.

Many of us say we want a learning culture, but our daily actions tell the true story of what our organization supports.

Do we encourage and reward efforts to step outside of our comfort zones and try new things? Because that means mistakes will be made. If we are focused on short term results and getting tasks done, we aren’t supporting a learning culture.

Do we encourage live feedback between managers and team members? Are we open and receptive to receiving feedback as a leader, even if it isn’t something we want to hear?

Are we using a common language of learning in our organization? Do we ask how we can do things differently? Do we encourage collaboration between all members or do we promote an environment where team members compete against each other?

Do we encourage our teams to take time for learning and development? Some ways true learning organizations accomplish this is by reimbursing team members for workshops and classes, giving them paid time off to take these learning initiatives, or even giving them a monthly book allowance.

A learning culture is defined by how each of us, from the CEO to People Operations to each and every manager, supports the actions and initiatives that promote a growth mindset.

By creating and supporting a learning culture, you’re empowering your team members to create a learning path that will help them be successful in their current and future positions with the organization.

Here’s a couple ways to support a learning organization:

1. A learning culture begins with an organization’s managers...

And the 4 key habits they practice daily.

2. HBR shares four science backed ways…

To informally support and inspire a growth mindset on your team..

Keep on growing!



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