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Become a better leader this summer

"Change the way your people are managed." - Gallup's State of the Global Workplace 2023

In the recently released report, 52% of North American workers and 72% of European workers are disengaged and report "quiet quitting". Disengaged employees have a significant impact on your company's productivity, innovation and culture.

The good news is with a few changes, these disengaged employees can become engaged. And it all begins with the way you lead.

Our Community Workshop Summer Series focuses on tactical ways to lead one's team more effectively. In these complimentary interactive workshops, you'll have the space to explore and practice effective ways to manage.

Are you ready to take the journey to becoming a better leader? Try out our Leadership Bootcamp this summer - we have just a few spots left.


Often the best solutions arrive from healthy debate and collaboration between a diverse set of people. But how can we best foster a respectful discussion that allows all to feel safe to voice their opinion, challenge each other, and arrive at the most optimal solution?

In this workshop, you'll:

- Discover why healthy debates are critical to success

- Learn The 3 guiding principles to foster a debate

- Design how to have a healthy debate

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How do our biases impact how we lead our teams? We will explore how they affect our leadership, specifically their impact on how we review and manage our team’s performance. In this workshop, you'll:

  • Explore the concept of bias and look at its impact on team & individual performance

  • Challenge your biases and assumptions by asking better questions

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