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Flexible work in an unpredictable world

Many of us have been working remotely for a year and a half, and with the new Delta variant, working remotely will be here to stay for even longer than many of us expected. With some companies (Lyft, Asana) pushing their back to the office date to 2022, it may be two years of working remotely for many.

Unless there’s a logistical reason to have your team in person, working in the office, it doesn't really make sense to force people back to the office fully. Instead let’s shift the focus to outcomes, rather than where or when your team is doing the work.

Organizations that have struggled with a remote work arrangement think that bringing team members back in will solve the problem. The truth is, being in person won’t necessarily solve the problem of how you communicate with one another, how you run high performance meetings and how you set and deliver expectations. It doesn’t solve how you hold people accountable and how you set and track goals.

All of these elements of communication are needed virtually as well as in person. The better you are at them, the more efficient and effective you’ll be as a team. So instead of focusing on in person or remote, focus on how your team communicates with one another.

Here are a few ways to explore this concept…

1. Learn how the pandemic is shifting people’s perspective on how they work…

And why many are choosing flexibility over finances.

2. Gain tactical tips...

For leading remote teams.

3. Give your leaders the tools and skills to lead better (whether in person or remote)...

Learn about our leadership bootcamp here. Cheers! Aaron


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