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Lead better meetings & best practices for a hybrid workplace

6 Reasons to Attend a Raise The Bar Community Workshop:

  • We choose relevant and timely topics, and then explore them through a Human First based leadership lens.

  • Our Community Workshops are interactive, giving you a safe space to immerse yourself, practice and grow.

  • We NEVER record our Community Workshops, so you can be vulnerable and open.

  • You’ll be exposed to our training theories and methodology at Raise The Bar (which we think is pretty great!)

  • You can connect with other like-minded leaders like yourself!

AND… this month you’ll learn how to lead a much more productive and focused meeting! If you’ve completed one of our RTB Bootcamps, are currently in a bootcamp or you’ve worked with any of our amazing RTB Leadership Coaches, you’re invited! We do save several spots for those not currently in the community, so please feel free to pass this learning opportunity on.

June Community Workshop

Become the master of meetings with this valuable how-to workshop!

Time is one of the most valuable resources we have. When you spend it in meetings that seem to wander aimlessly, with no identified purpose or outcome, eventually people will tune out. In this workshop, I'll lead you through the steps of preparing and leading an effective meeting so that your meetings will be focused, efficient, and generate more participation. Save your Spot!